Gathered Leaves – Alec Soth (1st signed edition)


MACK, 2015 (1st edition)
Box set
4 volumes e 32 postcards
B/w and color photographs
English text

Perfect overall conditions


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Alec Soth, photographically speaking, owes his reputation to the artist’s books he has published. Gathered Leaves is an unusual catalog that follows his traveling exhibition and collects his four major bodies of work, published since 2004.

It is a kind of solid foundation for a mid-career retrospective in which to admire how the photographer manages to use his medium and make it an effective storytelling tool. The title is a quotation from a Walt Whitman poem titled Song of Myself, chosen specifically because this volume is intended to be a kind of Song of Soth.

The box set contains the reproduction of the followinf works: “Sleeping by the Mississippi”, “Niagara”, “The Broken Manual” e “Songbook”.

Signed copy

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