Gli Americani – Robert Frank


Contrasto, 2022
Hardcover, 21×18.5 cm
180 pages, b/w photographs
Italian text

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It is 1955 and a young European photographer, Robert Frank, receives a grant from the Guggenheim Foundation to do a photographic work on the United States. Frank travelled all over the immense country, and between 1955 and 1956 he ‘touched’ 48 different states. The streets, the faces of the people encountered, the city squares, the bars and shops, the pavements, the most insignificant details pass and stop in front of the photographer’s intelligent and participative lens. The result will be ‘The Americans’, an unmissable book that consecrates its author as a master of the history of photography. ‘The Americans’ represents a true ‘poem in images’, dedicated to the American street and its new and disconsolate epic; a reportage that, like few others, has truly marked an era, becoming, for generations of photographers, the main reference from which to photograph, to travel, to know with the gaze.

A classic of photography of all time and one of the must-have photo books in any self-respecting library or collection…

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