Good Morning, America (volume IV) – Mark Power (signed)


GOST, 2024
Hardcover, 24,5 x 31,5 cm
166 pages, 73 color photographs
English text

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“ I left the United States as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the country’s first cases of Covid-19. That was in February 2020 and not long afterwards we published Good Morning, America (Volume III), which obliquely referred to the events as they unfolded, albeit from a distance. Almost two years passed before I was able to take my first post-pandemic flight back. By then my lust for travel seemed to have deserted me, but after landing in Denver I went back to work with a vengeance… ‘I knew a post-Covid landscape wouldn’t look any different; it certainly didn’t in Britain, and the US was likely to be much the same. The world had moved on and it was remarkable how soon I’d forgotten about life during the pandemic. “ — Mark Power

In his photographic quest within the fragmented American social landscape, Power slowly travelled through Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming before returning to Colorado. On a later trip he reached Alaska and then embarked on another long journey visiting Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York State.
This new book includes some of these new images alongside those taken on previous trips. Power has described the process to be like ‘assembling a large and complicated jigsaw puzzle with little idea of what the final picture will be.’

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