Observations of New Norwegian Fauna in the Years 2014–2022 -Helge Skodvin


Journal, 2023
Hardcover, 23×27,5 cm
144 pages, color photographs
English text

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“The Norwegian Centre for Biodiversity has observed and recorded 30,346 animal species in Norway.

I want to show the cultural and natural landscape we have around us every day. What do our everyday surroundings and land really look like? I use these observations of the new Norwegian fauna as a way of highlighting the more normal environments, which we don’t usually see and pay attention to. Trampolines, hedges, garden sheds, double garages, yield signs, terraced houses, pallets, tarpaulins, fences, satellite dishes, caravans and everything else with which we fill the landscape and become the appearance of our topography here and now. An exotic animal in contrast to the more common and familiar environment.”

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