Hidden Islam – Nicolò Degiorgis (1st signed edition)


Rorhof, 2014 (1st edition)
Hardback, 16×24 cm
95 pages / 45 Gate Folds
132 black and white and color photographs



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Modest in size, no showy cover: a demonstration of how a combination of skills such as good taste, intelligence and craft can give birth to one of the most beautiful documentary photography books ever published.
At least, definitely in Italy.

The eye is on Islamic places of worship.
In Italy, Islam is the second religion – as for number of believers – but nevertheless,  our country counts altogether only less than a dozen ‘official’ places of prayer – as numbers showed in 2013, when the book was released.

The ‘others’ are warehouses, shops, supermarkets, apartments, sports fields, gyms, garages and even a disco, which the photographer has located in North-Eastern Italy.
The documentation of the outside, a quick glance at what happens inside, black and white alternating with colour, a perfect design: all this makes an exquisite object. Indeed, it was awarded with the Recontres D’Arles Photobook Prize in 2014.

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