High & Lonesome – Nathan Pearce (signed)


Deadbeat Club, 2023
Hardcover, 26 x 26 cm
84 pages, b/w photographs
English text

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For much of the last decade, Nathan Pearce has been engaged in a poetically personal and almost obsessive investigation of his native region, wandering not far from home, in Illinois, and producing a series of fanzines and photobooks.
Pearce has always been interested in the rural Midwest and the people who inhabit it: his is a quiet world, made up of places where people go “nowhere” and do “nothing”, where life flows slowly and time seems to stand still, as glimpsed in the photograph on a calendar page from 1993.

The sequence in High & Lonesome, at once silent and lyrical, is an affectionate elegy to country life, far from the political and social upheavals of the rest of the world, adding a new chapter to the mythology of the rural Midwest.

William Gass, in The Heart of the Heart of the Country, wrote, “Of course there is enough to stir our wonder anywhere; there’s enough to love, anywhere, if one is strong enough, if one is diligent enough, if one is perceptive, patient, kind enough—whatever it takes.” High & Lonesome is a master class in whatever it takes.

Signed copies

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