History Of The Visit – Daniel Reuter


Peperoni Books, 2013
72 pages, 36 b/w photographs
Hardcover, 21×27 cm

Limited edition of 500 copies

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Born in Germany in 1976, Daniel Reuter moved to Iceland where he started taking these photographs in 2012. They are black-and-white images, the result of a daily relationship with the extreme landscape that surrounds him, which ends up absorbing and mirroring the author’s state of mind. Reuter’s photographs are a shock to the nervous system. They convey not as many informations as they do emotions. They are atmospheric and not quite descriptive; a sense of uneasiness and restlessness is palpable throughout the sequence. “Jörg Colberg, Conscentious History of the Visit” first became a book, self-published in the summer of 2013 and now impossible to find (the author only made 50 copies of it); in the autumn of the same year it was published by Peperoni Books. It is one of Micamera’s favourite books of 2013 and was a finalist in the First Photobook of the Year / Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards the same year.

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