Hola Mi Amol – Karla Hiraldo Voleau


Hardback, 20 x 27 cm
152 pages, color photographs
English and Spanish text

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Karla Hiraldo Voleau, a French-Dominican photographer, grew up being told ‘Never go out with a Dominican’: it’s better not to trust them. As an adult, she decides to challenge these boundaries, discovering the meaning of love, sexuality and friendship for herself in her home country.

The young author’s curiosity about eroticism, masculinity, cultural and racial identity and the status of a woman travelling alone vibrate in each of the photographs and texts in this book, making it a brilliant and surprising editorial debut.

It is an important narrative for everyone, men and women, because it succeeds in transporting us into the experience of a young woman who travels alone in a foreign country, sometimes being lulled by male attitudes, other times discovering herself to be uncomfortable.

With Hola Mi Amol, Karla Hiraldo Voleau teaches us that meeting others without prejudice can lead us to surprising discoveries and show us something about ourselves, without necessarily leading to dangerous situations. It is a necessary work for all women who wish to feel free to explore themselves, others and the world and for all fathers, mothers, aunts, brothers, friends who out of fear, even once, have called this right unconsciousness.

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