Holy Bible – Adam Broomberg / Oliver Chanarin (1st edition – signed)


MACK, 2013 (1st edition)
Hardback, 16.2×21.6 cm
768 pages, 654 color and black and white photographs
English text


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Fundamental work of the Chanarin & Broomberg duo, who in this artist’s – or artists’ – book take on the theme of conflict through a compelling visual interpretation of the Holy Bible.

Holy Bible, as interpreted by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, is an extended visual rant that pulls together bizarre and disturbing imagery from the Archive of Modern Conflict.
The artists chose images that evoked to mind philosopher Adi Ophir’s principle according to which God reveals himself predominantly through catastrophe and the power structures within the Bible correlate with those of modern systems of government.

“Right from the start, almost every appearance he made was catastrophic… Catastrophe is his means of operation, and his central instrument of governance.”

Lest there be any doubt, a brief essay glued inside the back cover drives home the intent: its title is “Divine Violence”.

1st edition signed

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