Howling Winds – Vasantha Yogananthan

Chose Commune, 2019
Softbound, spiral bound, 24,5 x 30 cm
76 pagrs, 70 images
French and english text

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Howling Winds is the fifth chapter of Vasantha Yogananthan’s ambitious long-term project, A Myth of Two Souls, which aims to offer a contemporary reinterpretation of Ramayana.
An epic poem composed by Valmiki around 300 BC, the Ramayana, with its seven chapters, is a fundamental pillar of Hindu mythology and has been rewritten and reinterpreted several times over the years.

Since 2013, Yogananthan has traveled from North to South India and Sri Lanka, following in the footsteps of epic heroes. Between fiction and reality, he deliberately blurs the lines through the use of multiple aesthetic approaches.

At the end of Chapter 4, the evil Ravana kidnaps Princess Sita. While Rama is in great difficulty, hundreds of thousands of animals from all over the world gather to search for Sita. They know that on the far shore of the ocean is the bright and shining island of Lanka, where Ravana lives. And it is here that the author chooses to take us into the fifth chapter.

Howling Winds mixes colour photographs with hand painted ones, creating wonderful associations that immerse the viewer in the magical world of the Indian epic poem.

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