Human Territoriality – Roger Eberhard

Patrick Frey, 2020

Hardback, 116 pages, 51 color images
designed by Giliane Cachin

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(…) nothing is as changeable as boundary lines. So it is ironic that people and entire nations should develop so much pride and protectionism on the basis of existing borders, while they are artificial constructs that are constantly changing and sometimes disappearing altogether.
– Roger Eberhard

Eberhard’s Human Territoriality is an image – text body of work that deals with the fluidity of borders and the human need to have a delimited space. All images are accompanied by a written description and relate to borders of the past that do not exist anymore, whether for environmental or political reasons, all over the world.

Borders define an inner space and image, and drawing – as much as photographing them – is like making a (self)portrait of a country. And countries change: as a matter of fact, no matter ho protective you are of your own borders, they will change and disappear. And probably be forgotten or unnoticed.

On the other hand, history has shown a growing need to create limits and mark separations: in the beginning of the 20th century the world counted 55 countries, which became 90 in the sixties and are around 200 today…

Roger Eberhard (himself a publisher with b.frank books) is an artist based in Zurich.

This book is a must-have

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