Hunting & Fishing (Japanese edition)- Paul Kooiker


Van Zoetendaal, 1999 (1st Japanese edition)
Softcover, 16 x 20.5 cm
112 pages, color photographs
edition published for the Japanese market
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Good overall conditions, traces of time on the cover

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Naked women running through woods and meadows are a virtually infallible subject, so for his first solo exhibition in the Netherlands, the author pursued this one-sided idea. Almost all ‘his’ women are photographed from behind, as if they were looking for something or being chased by someone. An aura of mystery and poetry envelops these images. Kooiker, to add intrigue, treated the images pictorially, manipulating them in the darkroom, then digitising and printing them on watercolour paper. Thus achieving a blurry result, some bodies can be quite easily identified, while others are blended with the boisé backgrounds. Some figures look like stills from pornographic films, while others suggest innocence. The title spoils these seductive images from an all-male point of view, which wants women to be compared to game.

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