I Dimezzati – A.A.V.V


CTRL, 2020
Hardback, 17 x 25 cm
336 pages
Italian text

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Second volume of the “Trilogia normalissima” (opened with “Gli ultrauomini”), “I Dimezzati” collects 13 narrative reportages by as many authors, 40 photographs from an almost lost archive and a report of a semi-divine meeting by Stefano Sgambati.

“The Halved are half men and half women.
There are the last humans clinging to the slopes of the Adamello, defending the trees that were there before. There is Eleonora, who has been looking for her mother for 35 years. And Elisa, born hearing from deaf parents. There are the appealers, who have only their voices and a phone number left. There’s the story of a halved man, looking for his fellows and a cure for himself. There is the White Dwarf, who is just over three feet tall.
The halved are men and women with double lives.
The halved are incomplete, split, missing, torn and unexplored: like us. And Tom Cruise.”

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