If I Call Stones Blue it is Because Blue is the Precise Word – Joselito Verschaeve


Void, 2022
Softcover, 22 x 26,5 cm
80 pages, black and white photographs

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Joselito Vershaeve interweaves black and white photographs of both day-to-day encounters and staged fiction from archives of the artist’s own work, to create visual short stories which defy conventional interpretation.
The recurring motif of the bird in many forms—as an illustration, origami creation, in-flight or emerging from sand—is interspersed with images of textured rocks, the moon and paths which lead and disappear off the page. The human presence in the images is slight—figures veiled, melding into the landscape or moving out of the frame, a grooved hand echoing the natural formation of rocks—all bit parts in the narrative.

The images have been drawn from the artist’s ever-accumulating archive, and have been selected and arranged in a rhythmic pattern, mimicking the act of writing a poem or a short novel.

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