Il pudore della bocca – Various Authors


Editoriale Belisario, 1975
Hardcover, 23 x 24,5 cm
85 pages, b/w and color photographs
Italian text

Good overall conditions (little defect on the cover and inside writing)

In stock

The book traces the history of dental care from the Palaeolithic age to modernity, reducing the vast dental chapter to its essentials and highlighting its annecdotal part, a sort of “analysis of evolution and progress on the screen of teeth”, quoting the introduction to the book by Paolo Sirtori. Various authors collaborated on the project: Giancarlo Fusco, Dario Pontecorvo, Camillo Pennati and Francesco Natali for the texts; Alberto Zavatta, Eugenio Cassina, Uliano Lucas, Laila Ghellero, Junior Dental for the research of striking photographs, X-rays, frescoes, drawings, sculptures and old paintings, as well as for the photographic documentation; Davide Danti for the layout.

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