Immagini, Collana diretta da Mario Finazzi – n°3 Montagne


Istituto Italiano d’Arti Grafiche Bergamo, 1946
Hardcover, 30,7 x 23,5 cm
20 black and white images
Italian, english and french texts

Very good overall conditions, slightly worn cover.

In stock

Released 1943, this folder contains 20 photographic reproductions by six authors: Giulio Cesare, Antonio Piccardo, Carlo Matis, Ada Niggeler, Riccardo Moncalvo and Mario Finazzi. It was Mario Finazzi himself, a leading figure of the art scene between the 1930s and 1960s and at the time editor of the “Istituto Editoriale Arti Grafiche” (founded 1893 in Bergamo), who designed and edited the series, called “Immagini” (Images), that will stop just after this third issue dedicated to the mountains. The first two issues were dedicated to Giuseppe Cavalli and Federico Vender.

In 1947 Finazzi, Vender and Cavalli signed in Milan the programmatic manifesto of the renown “Gruppo della Bussola”: an early photo club that reflected the most beautiful meaning of the term ‘amateur’. Its intentions were to distance themselves from reportage and documentary photography, its aim to concentrate on pure aesthetics – as opposed to content, in line with other amateur photo clubs scattered throughout Europe and especially in Paris.

The images in this folder are beautiful winter and mountain impressions sculpted in light and shadow, pure form rendered with an impeccable print quality. As a written note inside states, this work is dedicated “to poets, mountaineers, and to those who – like them – go beyond reality to draw upon dreams”.

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