IN THE VICINITY – ED PANAR (limited edition with print)


Deadbeat Club, 2018
Hardcover + box set, 17×24 cm
84 pages, color photographs
Included is a 16 pages zine
English text

Special edition of 30 numbered and signe copies accompanied by an original print (+ a little one inside the book)

In stock

It is called the Emerald Triangle and is a region in northern California consisting of three counties. The name is a reference to the (rich) cultivation of cannabis, which is valued here for its powerful economic, psychotropic, and mythological implications. In one corner of this region, in Mendocino County, Panar has been shooting for more than 10 years – from 2007 to 2017, photographing unspoiled nature and giving us access to what appears to be an isolated rural community in an idyllic setting against the backdrop of a psychedelic culture. The author always maintains a respectful distance: still life, landscapes and occasional animal presences describe in the book a place where man is still enraptured by the eternal search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

In doing so, Panar investigates, questioning it, the possibility of photography to be a tool for documenting such an enigmatic and mysterious subject as the fascination of this mythical plant and the emergence of the powerful economy related to it.

Special edition of 30 signed copies enclosed in a box set and accompanied by an original print (16 x 22 cm), signed by the author and numbered in an edition of 15 each (2 subjects available) Inside the book, hidden, is a second little original print

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