Inchiesta su alcune opinioni personali


Bompiani, 1951
Softcover, 19,5 x 25 cm
58 pages, b/w photographs
Italian text

Good overall condition, a few flaws on the cover as in photo

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Published in 1951, ‘Inchiesta su alcune opinioni personali’ alternates photographs of children with quotations, establishing a funny and playful conversation between an external point of view, which poses some questions, and the expressive response of the children. The author’s surname appears neither on the cover nor inside; all we know of him is his first name, Massimo, who signs a small introductory and thank-you text addressed to the children and their parents. The book is accompanied by six postcards depicting some of the photographs, each of which is given a name. Massimo plays ironically on the reference between the expression and the political imagery: the ‘nostalgic’ with the fascist salute, the ‘new minister’ with the proud look, the ‘politician who knows best’…

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