Ingar Krauss – Sugar Beets


Hartmann, 2023
Box: 22.5 × 29 cm
36 b/w cards
1 poster 64,5 × 90 cm
English and German text

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Ingar Krauss has been depicting sugar beets in their individual form since 2017. As he did in his book 2016 book of still lifes “39 Bilder“ , he also stages the sugar beets in natural light against a dark background, photographing them in black-and-white using analog methods and reducing them to the essentials of their appearance. Thus, over the years, a typology of this “Beta Vulgaris“ has emerged.
To avoid superficial, quick browsing, this publication was not conceived as a classic book, but as a lavishly produced portfolio box, with 36 individual picture cards printed in strong tritone on cardboard, a poster featuring the complete typology, and a text booklet with an essay by Eugen Blume.

Limited edition of 400 copies

Weight 2 kg


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