Inge Morath – An Illustrated Biography


Prestel, 2018 Hardcover, 23,5 x 27,3 cm 192 pages, b/w photographs English text

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An illustrated biography of one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century, this book recounts and illustrates the life and work of Inge Morath.

The playwright Arthur Miller, speaking of his wife Inge Morath, said ‘she made poems from people and their places over the course of half a century’. Morath’s curiosity, compassion and courage show vividly in this biography with extraordinary images from every stage of her career. Biographer Linda Gordon presents Morath travelling the world, often as a woman alone, silently but firmly defying conventions for what was appropriate for women at the time. Her photographs show Her cosmopolitanism, which stemmed from her love of literature, her fluency in many languages and her revulsion against Hitler’s Germany, where she spent her adolescence. Her respect for all the cultures of the world, from Spain to Iran to China, has made her a kind of visual ethnographer.

One of the first women to join the Magnum Collective, Morath was a superb portraitist, particularly attracted to artists such as the painter Saul Steinberg, the sculptor Louise Bourgeois and the writer Boris Pasternak. She worked mainly in black and white but also used colour film exquisitely, even at the beginning of her career. Through Magnum assignments on documented film sets, she met Arthur Miller and their subsequent marriage lasted for forty years.

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