Into the Silence – Yasuhiro Ogawa (special edition with print)


Photoeditions, Blue Lotus Editions, 2024 (II ed.)
Hardcover, 25,2 cm x 24,6 cm
100 pages, color photographs
English text


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“Into the Silence” captures the timeless beauty of northern Japan, following in the footsteps of 17th-century poet Matsuo Bashō. The story of Matsuo Bashō’s journey through the northern provinces of Japan in the 17th century is told in his travelogue “The Narrow Road to the Deep North” . In the summer of 1689, Bashō and his traveling companion Sora set out on foot, carrying only minimal provisions and staying in humble lodgings along the way. Bashō sought inspiration for his poetry and found it in the natural beauty and cultural richness of the places he visited.
From simple coastal towns to deserted streets, from empty trains to desolate hotel interiors, Ogawa’s images reveal the toll that economic decline and depopulation have taken on the area. Nevertheless, a sense of hope and resilience remains.

Limited edition copies including an original signed print

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