Italia in miniatura. Un percorso tra realtà e finzione – Joan Fontcuberta and Matteo Guidi


Corraini Edizioni 2022
Hardcover, 21 x 29.5 cm
164 pages, color photographs
Italian and English language

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The theme park ‘Italia in Miniatura’ was founded by Ivo Rambaldi in 1970 with the aim of bringing together a selection of models that summarised Italy’s monumental, architectural and landscape heritage.

Over time, the park has grown and now features more than 300 scale reproductions that allow visitors to take a ‘tour of Italy’ – cultural – in half a day. Beyond the tourist interest, these kinds of attractions bring us face to face with that magnificent case study that Umberto Eco called ‘strategies of illusion’.

It is precisely as a tribute to Eco, but also to Luigi Ghirri, who was so fascinated by the park that he hastened to dedicate his project ‘In Scala’ to it, that a working group led by Joan Fontcuberta and Matteo Guidi, wanted to artistically revisit ‘Italia in Miniatura’, in correspondence with the half-century anniversary of its inauguration.

This volume brings together eight contemporary looks by Italian authors, students at the ISIA of Urbino, who share different post-photographic approaches. Contributing to the project, providing historical analysis and theory, are texts by Valentina Manchia and Jonathan Pierini, while a dialogue – also played out in images – between Fontcuberta and Guidi sketches their genealogy.

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