Italian Landscape / Paesaggio Italiano – Luigi Ghirri (signed with inscription)


Electa / Gingko – Quaderni di Lotus, 1989
Softcover, 26 x 26 cm
127 pages, color photographs
Italian and English text

Excellent overall condition. Light traces of time on the cover

Signed with inscription dedicated to the previous owner

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Paesaggio Italiano” is one of the last bodies of work by Luigi Ghirri, the volume was conceived as the catalogue for the exhibition held in Reggio Emilia in 1989. The work poses, with all the discretion of its author, as a peacemaker of sorts between two divergent currents of thought in architecture: listen to the world or accept its transformation? Ghirri’s gentle photography does not place him as an authenticating figure of others’ work, but as anexplorer of aspects, functions and secrets that reveal the experience of an architecture. What for others is perceived as impurity becomes for him the characterising detail, the symbol of ‘giving oneself’, of the simple existence of something in the outside world; it becomes an object full of fascination, inseparable from being photographed.
With the gaze of a participatory observer – but one who seeks to free himself from habit – Ghirri traverses themes, spaces and objects in a way that is random only in appearance, manoeuvring himself in an almost suspended time from which the love and affection of belonging transpire; the same that can be perceived in the dedication at the beginning, to Paola, ‘without her help and precious love this work would not exist’.

Signed with inscription dedicated to the previous owner

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