Italian Party – Letizia Giambalvo & Vitaliano Napolitano


89 Books, 2024
Softcover, 30 x 21,5 cm
184 pages, b/w photographs
English and Italian text

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“Roma da bere” immortalized in the unedited black-and-white shots of Letizia Giambalvo and Vitaliano Napolitano.

High-ranking Roman paparazzi, known and loved by anyone who frequents the cinema circles and social circles of the capital, admitted to the most exclusive parties as well as backstage at “Muccassassina,” Letizia Giambalvo and Vitaliano Napolitano for thirty years have documented the events of the capital, immortalizing film premières, openings, vernissages, birthdays of powerful people and starlets.

From their archives they extracted a thousand shots that remained unpublished, from which Palermo publisher Mauro D’Agati, who specializes in photography and art books, selected the 180 published in the volume.

These are the images of a festive, often trashy, almost always nocturnal Rome, where more or less well-known personalities mingle with anonymous guests, waiters, dancers and “boys,” according to that principle of democracy that governs Roman parties, in which once you’re in, anything can happen to you.

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