Klara and the Bomb – Crystal Bennes


the Eriskay Connection, 2022
Softcover, 17 x 23 cm
320 pages, color and b/w photographs
English text

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Bringing together archive material, photographs of scientific documentation, declassified documents and military propaganda images, all accompanied by numerous texts, the book explores the threads that link the birth of the first computers, the atomic experiments and the life of Klara von Neumann.

The figure of Klara, one of the first female programmers in history, is essential for understanding the important role played by women in the development of modern computers following the boom in military-technological research from the 1940s onwards; her life, which ended in a tragically mysterious way, is intertwined with the sad fate of the communities in the Marshall Islands, forced to abandon their homes because of the atomic experiments, and reaches us in the daily use of these technologies, often unaware of the dramatic events behind the creation of the modern computer.

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