La domenica degli italiani – Lori Sammartino (1st edition)


Edizioni Minerva, 1961 (1st Edition)
Hardback, 22×29 cm
120 pages, black and white photographs
Italian text

Overall good conditions, slightly worn dust jacket with small tear on the upper edge.

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Sundays in Italy are the typical days to take short breaks to the countryside with friends or family.

“Sundays in Italy” is a book by Lori Sammartino,  a very good Italian photojournalist who died in 1971, at only 36 years of age.
A gossip: she is also known for having married (in 1963!) a 14-years-old-younger Maurizio Costanzo, a journalist and later a famous talk show host.

This book by Lori Sammartino could be an album of snapshots, or a black and white feature film, or a notebook written with the camera in which the subject is always the same, but declined in many variations. ‘La domenica degli italiani’ (Sundays in Italy) is the family lunch, the village band, the lovers’ embrace, the ‘balera’ dancing platform, the beautiful girls as divas, the first communions, the men looking at women, the old men sitting at the bar, the football, the sea and the children’s games, Milan, Rome and the Italian province. “The photographs collected in this volume have the gift of happy moments fixed with the ease of young people greedy for memory and lovers of a life that is consumed in front of their eyes exactly in the same moment in which it happens”.
(From the introduction by Ennio Flaiano)

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