Lacuna Park: Essays and Other Adventures in Photography by Nicholas Muellner


SPBH editions, 2019
Softcover, 13×19,7cm
208 pages, b/w and color photographs

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The book consists of eleven chapters introduced by a short text that begins: ‘I start with the obvious: we are all destined to die, but first we hope to feel many emotions. I begin with the obvious because for me photography is a surface receptacle for emotions. ‘

Photography as a tool for relating, with oneself, others, the world, an existential survival tool that used to belong to a few and is now shared by billions of people.
What has changed, what are the issues at stake, what defines a photographer today?

Photography as reproduction, a double that can in turn generate an infinite series of possibilities. Muellner quotes Ghirri – ‘Objects, in their representation, are like the blank pages of a book not yet written’.

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