L’amore nella vita sessuale di Sha Kokken


Ikeda Publishing Co., Ltd., 1969
Hardcover, 27 x 21,5 cm
166 pages, color and b/w photographs
Italian and Japanese text

Excellent overall condition, traces of time on the cover

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‘Human beings enjoy the special privilege of being able to vary positions during the sexual act, thanks to their physical structure and intelligence. In our society, love is no longer simply a means to procreate, but also an important way to express one’s love. It must therefore be considered very normal – and not abnormal or unnatural – for men and women to wish, in love, to vary the modes of union as much as possible. And, since each variation has advantages and disadvantages, it would be good for each to realise this, so that they can make a choice suited to their own physical condition and tastes. In this way, intercourse will become the highest manifestation of human love.’

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