L’amour Fou – Andrè Breton


Le club français du livre, 1965
Hardcover, 18,5 x 21,5 cm
90 pages, b/w photographs
French text

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A work first published in 1937 by Gallimard, ‘L’amour Fou’ is a literary manifesto and autobiography that deals with the theme of love in its many shades. André Breton, a central figure in the Surrealist movement, saw love as the greatest reservoir of strength, creative drive and source of imagination, the power of inspiration.
In ‘Amour Fou’, the author recounts his encounter with a ‘scandalously beautiful’ woman, whom he had already foretold in the poem ‘La Nuit de Tournesol’ and in the book ‘Nadja’, Jacqueline Lamba, the future mother of little Aube, to whom Breton dedicates the concluding sentence ‘Je vous souhaite d’être follement aimée’ (‘I wish you to be madly loved’). The narrative is complemented by a number of photographs juxtaposed with quotations from various authors.

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