Last Journey – Inge Morath

Prestel, 2003
Hardcover, 28.5×24.7 cm
232 pages, b/w photographs
German and English tex

Perfect overall conditions

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Driven by a deep sense of longing, Austrian photographer Inge Morath undertook three long journeys to the Austrian-Slovenian border region in 2001 with the aim of learning about and investigating the land of her ancestors. Formerly part of the Habsburg monarchy, a border was drawn across the entire area after the First World War. After 1945, this became the dividing line between two conflicting ideologies. Since 1990, however, there have been attempts at reconciliation, while traumas persist on both sides. Inge Morath visited families, villages, festivals and gatherings, and looked for many witnesses both in Syria and Slovenia. She observed a healing of trust and a renewal in the bond between families and villages, despite the weight of the past. With huge sensitivity, she photographed country life, the cycle of seasons, rural activities, exhilarating and nostalgic moments. Her images of people, ordinary life, buildings, city, landscape and still life create a flow of images that declare Inge Morath’s love for the life of this region.

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