Le bon Usage du Monde – Claude Roy


Editions Rencontre Lausanne, 1964
Hardcover, 27 x 17,5 cm
216 pages, b/w and color photographs
French text

Excellent overall conditions, slight traces of time

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In a book of several letters, Claude Roy -poet, journalist and traveller (°1915 -1997)- gives advice to those aspiring to leave. Drawing on the experience and practice of great travellers, the author mixes quotations, anecdotes and recommendations in a light and profound read. Once the book is closed, you are ready to leave home for the world!

Grab you, hold you. Being able to rest for a while. Make you rest like water, held still for a long time, through which sand and clouds flow (…)
but it is all useless.

You continue to wander, to rob, to worry about resting, to fear stopping, to avoid any foothold (and first of all your own).
You simply run somewhere else, where you were not, further away… On the earth around which you revolve, like a squirrel in its lap. What do you chase? Who is chasing you?

Marc Riboud’s photographs
Collection directed by Charles-Henri Favrod

Excellent conditions

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