Lebensborn. Birth politics in the third reich – Angeniet Berkers


The Eriskay Connection, 2024
Hardcover, 20,8 x 28,8 cm
272 pages, color and b/w photographs
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In 1935, a program was initiated in Germany to provide the Third Reich with the next generation of leaders and the future elite for its millennial empire: Lebensborn (Source of Life). The birth rate in Germany had declined dramatically after World War I. All Germans were urged to have more children, with the slogan “Give a son to the Führer.” Abortion was banned, contraceptives suppressed, and incentives and tax breaks were devised for families with children. SS officers were encouraged to procreate as much as possible, even outside of marriage. In this context, the Lebensborn had a special task: to increase the number of so-called “Aryan” children. When it was discovered that the program was not effective enough, thousands of children were kidnapped from Eastern Europe and taken to Germany to be “Germanized.”

After the war, children from these homes and families were often stigmatized and sometimes abused or mistreated. Many grew up with secrets. Angeniet Berkers (NL) documented the stories of some of these children who are now in their 70s and 80s. Lebensborn tells the compelling story of this particular history, focusing on the main events, but especially on the personal consequences for those involved.

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