Levee – Adrianna Ault


Void, 2023 Hardcover, 21 x 28 cm 112 pages, b/w and color photographs English text

Edition of 750 copies

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“Amongst the unstoppable changing world, the chaos, the growth, the loss, the laughter, and tears there came to a point where I couldn’t breathe. I felt as though I was drowning. I went out to the levee on the Mississippi River by my mother’s house and walked with my camera. That was when I began to see the world around me in a different way. I have looked through a camera most of my life but now I could see a quietness, a slowness to the point of being frozen in time.“ – Adrianna Ault

Levee began as Adrianna Ault’s personal research into what concerns the surrounding landscape in New Orleans, where she grew up as a child.
Through this “adventure” she discovered how the waterways of the surrounding city exposed the land to a constant state of vulnerability. Thus, a comparison arises between what is the physical landscape and the emotional landscape rooted in the culture of New Orleans and its people, giving life to a personal and quiet sequence, bathed in light and tinged by a feeling of longing.

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