Live in the South Wind — Zhu Baolei


Jiazazhi Press, 2023 Box set: 29,5 x 20cm Book: Hardcover, 27,5 x 18cm 104 pages, 92 color photographs English and Chinese text

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Live in the south wind is an exploration of the wefts of memory that remain embedded within places. Zhu Baolei moves in search of the archive of Nanning, a city located in the south-western border area of China, corroded, like so many, by the transformations of urbanisation. In old buildings hidden in the dense urban landscape, disused objects and old photographs guard the history of a city and a generation, resisting the ever-changing spatial memory between abandonment and reconstruction, secrecy and disappearance, transformation and separation. Through photography, the author redeems the anonymous role of places destined for insignificance and destruction. Thus, a mnemonic gate is thrown open in which the remains of objects and human traces, like “wrinkles” of time shaped by deformation, open up a reflection on the changing interaction between the individual and space.

“The abandoned building is not an isolated spectacle but an unrevealed corner of the city. Tearing down a building does not only mean demolition in the material sense but also means that all the people and things attached to and occuring in these old buildings would be submerged along with this process.” ― Zhu Baolei

The formal structure of the volume emphasises the idea of preservation that runs through the entire project, submitting three photographs preserved in special envelope attached to the back cover.

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