Living Room – Nick Waplington (signed)


Self, 2024
Hardcover, 32 x 24 cm
72 pages, color photographs
English text

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Nick Waplington’s first book was published in 1991 and immediately caused a sensation in the world of photography and beyond. The 59 photographs in the original edition of Living Room documented the lives of friends, families and neighbours in the working-class neighbourhood of Broxtowe in Nottingham, England, where Waplington spent years photographing, making thousands of images.
That vast archive of unpublished photographs forms the source material for this new publication, which revisits and reworks Waplington’s iconic work from a contemporary perspective.

The new volume runs through the same sequence of images as the original edition – replacing each of the 59 photographs with an unpublished image from the Living Room archive, often from the same roll of film as the original image. The result is both familiar and disconcerting, a vivid journey back to Thatcher-era Britain and a testament to the decades of art and life that have passed between then and now.

Signed by the author

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