Livio Marzot at Salone Annunciata Milano – Larderello / J. ’S Walk / L’Isola / Il Percorso / Via Conchetta / La Stanza e le Urne. With a text by Tommaso Trini


Salone Annunciata, 1969
Soft cover, 16 x 22.5 cm
20 pages, black and white photographs
Text: italian

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This is an exhibition catalogue from 1969. The artist is Livio Marzot, mostly known for his works as painter and sculptor. The gallery is Salone Annunciata, founded 1939 and still existing in Milan. The photographs are by Gianni Berengo Gardin, Mario Carrieri, Marzio Marzot and Ugo Mulas. These were all friends of Livio Marzot, who were actively involved in the projects.

Statement (from the catalogue):

It’s ten years that he frequents Larderello even in thought.

With ecological observations he took possession of an island on the river Ticino.

He lived on the island for a few days with Janet, Luana, Vincenzo and Ran.

He walked a straight like from his house to the island (Km. 30)

He asked three friends – Berengo.Gardin, Mulas and Nicolini – to photograph a vacant lot in via Conchetta (Milan)

He reserved for himself a room in Grossetti’s gallery to occupy until the show’s opening (November 13, 1969)


“We must take possession of the tools of communication.
Artists and intellectuals can also continue their inner struggles to possess what they call communication (form and content). But they constantly miss the instruments.
Being activists of everything means mastering new circuits of sensitivity. Hypersensitive circuits.
A tour in Via Conchetta in the urban void among the children of the wasteland is just one of the thousand possibilities.
And Marzot doesn’t even need to waste time inventing them. You simply need to recognize them. Invention lies in the acquaintance”


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