Lost Summer – Alys Tomlinson (signed)


Self, 2020
Hardback, 19×24 cm
96 pages, 44 black and white photograph
English text

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One of the categories most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic is undoubtedly that represented by adolescents. Young men and women who, unprepared, have seen their simple daily life radically changed: schools and bars closed, any opportunity for socialization has been nipped in the bud as a weapon against the virus.

In 2020, in the United Kingdom, final exams, the so-called A-Levels, were suspended, taking away from British students the rite of passage to which they all undergo year after year and which sanctions their entry into the adult world.

The English photographer Alys Tomlinson has therefore decided to work precisely on young people, creating Lost Summer. The book consists of black-and-white portraits, taken in the North London area, of teenagers ages 15 to 19, dressed up for an imaginary school dance that never happened.

The artist consciously decides to shoot in the gardens and courtyards of students’ homes and in London’s countless public parks. Ultimately, Tomlinson uses a traditional and widely tested photographic approach to talk about younger people, witnesses to a radically changed and endangered world.

Signed copies

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