I Love You, Stupid – Dash Snow

Distributed Art Pub, 2013
Softbound,, 18.5 x 27.8 cm
435 pages, black and white and color photographs
English text

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In the introduction of Dash Snow’s monograph ‘I Love You, Stupid’ Glenn O’Brien writes, “…despite the immense stakes in this contemporary art world, there are artists out there who don’t want to clean up, who make art not to make big bucks for the schmucks but to change the world or save their life or for obscure reasons of their own. Feral artists”.
And again: “Art shouldn’t be a product of the art world, but a product of the world world”

As these Polaroid photographs began to be exhibited in the early 2000s, Snow was briefly launched to art-world superstardom, keeping company with the likes of Dan Colen and Ryan McGinley. Dash Snow: I Love You, Stupid compiles these famous Polaroids, previously only published in relatively expensive editions.
Opening with scenes of friends crashed on beds and couches, floors and even the street, it records hazily snatched glimpses of sex, hard drugs and hanging out; adventures in cars, baths, pools, subway cars, friends’ apartments, on boardwalks and rooftops.

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