Manifest – Kristine Potter (limited edition with print)


TBW Books, 2018
Hardback, 24 x 28,5 cm
92 pages, 48 black and white photographs
English text

Limited edition of 10 copies with slipcase and a signed and numbered print

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Kristine Potter is an artist based in Nashville, Tennessee, whose work explores masculine archetypes, the American landscape, and cultural tendencies toward mythologizing the past. After a work focused on young male military cadets (“The Gray Line”) she published her first monograph ‘Manifest’ (TBW). Both of these series reframe the mythology of indomitable men and explore the bleed between human violence and natural threat.

Created while working in remote areas along the Western slope of Colorado between 2012 and 2015, Kristine Potter fixes her gaze on the archetype of the American Cowboy.

Uncovering a world far more formidable and disorienting than the canon of traditional western landscape photography had previously detailed, Potter encounters men who sparingly dot the terrain, seemingly both tethered to, and in divergence with, the myth that precedes them.

Manifest does not act as a documentary, but rather as a re-coding of the western myth, the territory and its men, it is both fantasy and reality.

Weaving body and landscape, the book lays open the seduction of the West, the opportunities it promises, the disorientation of altitude, and the confrontation of persistent danger.

In her current body of work “Dark Waters” realised through the 2018 Guggenheim Fellowship, Potter uses film, image, and sound to depict threatening waters and the people around them.

Limited edition of 10 copies with slipcase and a signed and numbered print

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