M’as-tu vue ? – Sophie Calle (I english edition)


Prestel, 2003 (I edition)
Hardcover, 23,5 x 16,8 cm
444 pages, b/w and color photographs
English text

Perfect overall conditions, slight traces of time on the cover

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Retrospective in the form of an author’s book exploring the work of the brilliant French artist.
It features well-known works such as ‘The Blind’, ‘No Sex Last Night’, ‘The Hotel’, ‘The Address Book’ and ‘A Woman Vanishes’, but also newer, unpublished works.

With the term ‘narrative artist’, we can try to summarise the brilliant figure of Sophie Calle, a French artist born in 1953 who uses the medium of photography to promote the encounter between literature and image.

As early as the late 1970s, Sophie Calle was already dedicated to photographically ‘stealing’ small, everyday events that were then to be reworked and rendered in a narrative key.

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