Meadowlark – Ian Bates

Deadbeat Club, 2022
Hardcover, 24 x 29 cm
96 pages, color photographs
English text


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Made while wandering through the vast and desolate American West, the images of Meadowlark tell of a world where distance and silence are the absolute protagonists: the distance between places, people and things, and the silence of secrets whispered by the wind that blows through the valleys and over the cloud-strewn plains.

A stranger wandering through these places can never be sure of where he is, at the same time distant from everything and in the midst of a mysterious grandeur in quiet and continuous development, as elusive as the little bird referred to in the title, long sought by the author and never found, an image of the nature of these places and their inhabitants, isolated in a reality where time seems to flow unhurriedly, thick as molasses.

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