Meat, Fish & Aubergine Caviar — Alex Blanco


Overlapse, 2023
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm
120 pages, color photographs
English text

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‘Meat, Fish & Aubergine Caviar’ is an intimate story reflecting on Ukrainian culture through the prism of food and family. Through a period spent in close quarters with her parents in Odesa, photography became a means for Alex to communicate and connect with her mum and dad during a difficult time in their lives. She took pictures day-to-day, at home and in the street markets, while also creating a utopian universe through her lens — where life is beautiful and her parents become their dream selves in front of the camera.
Combining photographs, three of Alex’s mother’s recipes and archival kitchen images, with a small ring-bound format, ‘Meat, Fish & Aubergine Caviar’ recalls a traditional cookbook, while inherently being a self-portrait of a person wracked by childhood trauma.

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