Meiwo – Jacopo Benassi (with audio cassette)


Witty Books, 2021
Softcover, 24 x 30 cm
136 pages,black and white photographs

+ audio cassette

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The result of a month-long stay in the gigantic Chinese metropolis of Guangzhou, this volume contains the photographer’s experience of his instinctive daily wanderings; the living intertwines with the inanimate in a context of neglect and a sense of isolation, exacerbated by the inquisitive use of flash.

The photographs delve deep into the fabric of the city, penetrating the space to examine it and scrutinise its components, allowing the passage of time and changes in perspective to shine through in a dense, constant flow that is both fragmentary and elusive.

The book is accompanied by an audio cassette containing “A Chronicle. A Soundtrack to Jacopo Benassi’s Meiwo”, made by the band Larsen, in two parts.

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