Mi Perro – Ronald Pizzoferrato


Artphilein, 2023
Softcover, 20 x 25 cm
184 pages, color photographs
English and Spanish text

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Mi Perro is set in Venezuela, a country with an economic, political and social crisis lasting more than 20 years. The system is not at the forefront of penitentiary matters: prisons in Latin America tend to be characterised by a violent environment and living conditions that are more often than not precarious. Yet, the author does not set his sights on the inmates.
The protagonist is the dog, man’s companion, synonymous with union. Ronald Pizzoferrato’s research questions what the dog can offer the prisoner in this context that is a guarantee of survival, and reflects on the sense of home and belonging, of refuge and absence of judgement that the dog is able to restore to the human being in relationship with it.

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