Microcosmo. Cento tavole di vita invisibile – Edgardo Baldi

Hoepli, 1939
Hardback, 31,5 x 24,5 cm
217 pages, black and white photographs
Italian text

Good overall conditions, slightly worn cover

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Invisible to the unaware eye
These prestigious forms of submerged life
Are revealed here
Not for the pure joy of a decorative nature
But for the meditation of a nature
Producing everywhere prodigies of life

Edgardo Baldi, through his one hundred microphotographic plates, imagines – as noted by the chapter titles: Submerged Hairs, The Amoeba Retreats to the Cabin, Pirates of the High Lake, The Shining Armor – a story for every form of microscopic life, teaching us that there is life hiding in the most unthinkable places, but it is always close to us. We just have to learn to see it.

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