Milky Way – Vincent Ferranè (2nd edition)


Libraryman 2017
2nd edition of 500 copies
Hardback, 21,5 x 27,5 cm
64 pages, color photographs

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Vincent Ferrané’s, in his Milky Way, fearlessly reclaims a parental role that is often condemned to a condition of marginality in Western society. He reappropriates his feminine gaze, which does not diminish him either as a photographer or as a man but, on the contrary, makes him incredibly free in his practice.

The strength of his work lies in the face yay it talks about breastfeeding – and therefore about parenting and femininity (both complex themes), doing so from a perspective that can no longer be defined as either male or female.

The father, here, is a mirror. The author frees everyone from stereotypes, automatically extending this privilege to the women in his life. His is a honest narrative of breastfeeding: gentle, delicate, without erasing the hardship and frustrations.

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