Mitch Alland – Frog Leaping (numbered and signed)


Self, 2019
Hardcover, 24×34 cm
100 pages, b/w photographs
English short text


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In Frog Leaping, Mieczysław (“Mitch”) Alland attempts to combine his photographs with the idea of the Japanese haiku, a short, unrhymed poem written in three lines. As in the case of his images, haiku raises the question of concentration and emptiness, which makes the sense of time superfluous. To a certain extent, it also addresses what is not said, prompting the reader to give his or her own interpretation. As it should be, everything is connected. Time and place fold into a single frame. Again and again. Continents merge into each other. Lions and dancers, salesmen and fishmongers, Buddhas and models, they are all ‘here’, they are all ‘now’.

Mitch Alland has this great sense of intuition, which he seems to be able to exploit only through rigorous analysis. He cannot. Obviously he did not succeed. Mitch identified 42 leitmotifs in the sequence composed by Frog Leaping, and although he probably could have found more, they still do not sum up the richness of his work. Everything is overlaid, everything is linked. Frog Leaping attempts to challenge the linear narrative so strongly associated with books and photo series in general. Seemingly chaotic, this ‘sum’ draws the viewer in, bewitches them, urges them to peel away the very thin layers of meaning, so that they can finally find the heart of what drives us all: being alive, which is nothing.

Edition of 500 numbered signed copies

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