Modena: quattro fotografie originali di Luigi Ghirri (four original prints by Luigi Ghirri)

Comune di Modena, 1984
Portfolio containing 4 original color prints, 41,5 x 31 cm
Text: Italian and English

Luigi Ghirri has made his land, Emilia-Romagna, the ideal theatre to immortalise a landscape that is not what is usually perceived.
He translates into images the elusive suggestions of a latent landscape, which is that of memory and fable, a landscape of hidden figures and wonders.

Even with these four images the author escapes any classification, demonstrating that photographic language cannot always be reduced to belonging to a ‘genre’.
Ghirri travels on the thread of memories and reminiscences, taking up the daily contemporary life by sinking his hands into the past, according to the principle that the present is possible only because a lived experience has existed.
Luigi Ghirri creates apparently simple images, which show without ever demonstrate. He transforms the city of Modena into his inspiring muse, captures its geometries and investigates the role of nature in domestic contexts.

The four photographs, taken in different periods, are part of independent research.

  • From the series Topographie-Iconographie, Trompe l’Oeil in via dei Servi in the courtyard of an eighteenth-century building. August 1979
  • From the series Geografia Immaginaria, topographic map of Modena in a building in Corso Canalgrande. April 1980
  • From the series Viaggio in Italia, view of the city from the circuit. April 1977
  • From the series “Views”, new buildings in the city. May 1975

A fifth sheet contains the artist’s biography on two columns, one for Italian and one for English.