MOM – Charlie Engman


Edition Patrick Frey, 2020
hardback, 20,5 x 27,5 cm
220 pages, 521 color photographs
English text

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The paradox is learning to say yes. And then just try it! It’s about discovering what it feels like to trust.
– Kathleen McCain Engman

For the last 10 years, Engman, the photographer, and his mother, the muse, have collaborated on a number of photo shoots that have caught the world’s attention, leading to global recognition in the fine art and fashion industries. After exhibitions, fashion campaigns and fashion magazine editorials, Engman has released his first book, appropriately titled MOM.

What began as a casual, organic process evolved into an intense collaboration. The result is neither a family album nor a filial tribute but a much deeper and far more complex interaction: one that raises questions about the limits of familiarity, the rules and boundaries of roles and representation, vulnerability and control, and what it means to look and to be seen.

With text by Rachel Cusk and a conversation between Kathleen McCain Engman and Miranda July. Designed by Brian Paul Lamotte.

Who is Kathleen McCain Engman? She is a woman and a mother, and we know this from the title, which makes her role immediately clear. What kind of woman? What kind of mother? We’ll never know that. Maybe all of them. Maybe none.

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