Morimura Yasumasa – My Self-Portraits as a Theater of Labyrinths


Torch Press, 2022
Hardcover, 23 x 31 cm
272 pages, color and b/w photographs
English and Japanese text

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In Yasumasa Morimura’s expression, the self is deconstructed by taking the place of others. By creating self-portraits of himself as protagonists from art masterpieces, notable historical figures, and film actresses, Morimura has visualized the multiplicity of individual identities that include gender and race, while expressing the intersection of personal and world history. In his images, one can discern Morimura’s penetrating gaze at the self, and an overwhelming affirmation of the multiple selves that a person can assume in their lives. This publication comes to fruition through the artists private collection of instant photographs, which serve as the exhibition’s nucleus. A voluminous 272 pages in length, the text features the entire collective of the approximately 800 photographs on display in the physical exhibition space.

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